Ducati 1098 Bikes

Ducati 1098 Bikes
Ducati has itroduced the successor to the its 999 bikes, the new 1098 sports bikes.  The styling of the bikes 1098 has been toned down from the radical 999 treatment, although the bike does have a touch of 999 here and there.The Ducati 1098 Bike awarded "International Bike of the Year 2007 and 2008" by the choices of the world's moto-journal communities as well as journalists
Ducati made The SuperSport bikes Ducati 1098 bikes from 2007 to 2009, in three versions, the 1098, 1098S, and 1098R. The 1098 was succeeded by the 1198 in 2009, though the 1098R remained in production that year.
Ducati 1098 Bikes
Ducati 1098 White ~ Ducati 1098 sporbike front angle view
The look and position of the 1098 were designed by the combination of race track technology, track-derived components and Ducati heritage. The aerodynamic shape naturally embraces an impressive 1098 of its riding position, configured by our racers and test riders for optimum speed and agility. Thanks to the forward thinking design and changing of most components, the 1098 can quickly be transformed into a real race bike.
Ducati 1098 Bikes
Ducati 1098 Black -1098 bike in rear view
Press: Press information for 1098 Ducati claims the priority during the development of the first performance was in 1098.
Every system, detail and component has been studied and summarize its essence and performance increased to the maximum. If he does not make the 1098 lighter, faster or deliver quicker lap times, it was not considered.
The motorcycle was designed and built in Borgo Panigale produces 160hp and 12.5kgm and torque. The result is that the 1098 is now alleged that the twin-cylinder motorcycle most powerful in the world with the highest torque to weight ratio of any sport bike.
Awards: Ducati1098 is awarded "Best Design" and "Best Sportbike" awarded by the Motorcycle Design Association. The Ducati 1098 race bike is also awarded for Best Bike of the year by Supertest World Association (The SWA) in 2008 , "Best of Show" reward in Italy and abroad and "Bike of the Year 2007" award given by magazines Moto, Australian Motorcycle News and Motorrad.
Ducati 1098 Bikes
Ducati 1098 Bike Picture- 1098 super-sport bike in action during the race.
Ducati also says that 1098 is the easiest, fastest stopping, quickest lapping Ducati in history (despite Ducati's race bikes!). For the first time Ducati MotoGP and World Superbike technology have been combined to create a premier street bike.


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